Once Upon a Time, in 2005…

Makeup Artist and Esthetican Katie Harrington earned her license in 2005 when she was only 17 years old, but her passion for the art of color and contour grew much earlier in her life.  A traditional artist since childhood, Katie has utilized many platforms to express her creativity, yet the epidermis remains her favorite canvas.

Katie has a long history of providing professional makeup services for events, runway, weddings, photography & on-camera work in the Charlotte & surrounding area.  She is proficient in traditional application, & specializes in high-fashion, avant-garde looks.  She has worked with such cosmetic trend leaders as Lancôme’s national makeup artists, & received proper brow & beauty boot camp at the Benefit Brow University.

Welcome to Brow Haus!  Sadly, this is not our door.  Maybe one day!

“The hard part isn’t the shaping itself, but solving the equation before ever touching the client.”

— Katie, owner of Brow Haus

Though her first love is Makeup Art, her specialty is none other than the Brow Arch, a service she has trained since day one of her career to perfect. Her ability to accurately blueprint and sculpt the brow stems from her unique understanding of the human face.  In her earlier years she studied and sketched anatomy endlessly as a comic artist, focusing particularly on the structure of the face.

“Each set of eyebrows has its own destiny,”  Katie explains.  “It’s all about the bones underneath.  There is a unique geometric formula for every brow and how it should relate to the rest of the face.  The hard part isn’t the shaping itself, but solving the equation before ever touching the client.  Before I lay any wax, I already know how the brow is going to look at the end of the service.”
Brow Haus was created as a haven for her to express her creativity & spoil her clients.  If you are interested in a consultation or appointment, it’s easy to book online.  She would be honored to evaluate your brows & give you suggestions on how to maximize your brow potential.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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